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~ J♥SweetS Shop ~
17th-Oct-2010 12:05 pm(no subject)
 Please check out my new items and all clearance albums in my facebook account!! I havent updated my livejournal for a long time, but all updates can be found in my facebook!
From Japan/Japanese Brands~
Clearance; 5 for $20, or $5 each~
Clearance~ $10 each or $40 for 5!!~
Clearance~ $15 each or $40 for 3!!
Clearance~ $20 each or $50 for 3~~!~
Bags & Wallets~
Sanrio, Games, Stationary, Manga, Collectibles, Magazines, CDs~
Shoes & Legwear~
Guys Clothing & Accessories!~

You can place an order through this entry~ ^^ just fill out an order form and use the names I used in my shop and please link me to the image, thank you~~<3
26th-Feb-2010 11:49 am - ☆★SWEETIES LIST~♪


i'll be starting something new !!

~ J♥SweetS Shop ~ will be having the SWEETIES LIST~!

What does this mean?
well it means, buyers who bought a cumulative of $150 (not including shipping and all other fees) will be on this list and therefore all purchases afterward will receive an automatic 5% off (excluding clearance tho, sorry! >"<). ^^

How do u know if u've bought up to $150?
don't worry~ i keep a record (from the beginning) of what each person bought (so i know what styles u like! ^__^) and how much they've spent, so if you'll like to know how much u've spent so far, don't hesitate to ask! ^0^

Who's on the Sweeties List?

well, i don't think it'll be good to reveal since it violate their privacy so if you want to know if u're on the sweeties list (i would've notify you anyways about this~ ^^) just ask! ^__^

Thanks for shopping at ~ J♥SweetS Shop ~ ! I appreciate it<3
7th-Dec-2009 01:17 am - ★JOIN MY UPDATES!★

★Want to be notified when i have new updates to my shop?

★Be the first to know when there's sales and new items posted to my shop!
★Join my newsletter now!~

Simply reply to this post with your name and email and you'll be added to my list! ^^
Don't worry, i'll be screening this post so no one can see your email~ ^__^
Thanks for your interest! ^^

You can also add me on facebook by searching for JSweets Shop
or go directly to the link here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000213191726&ref=profile
17th-Mar-2009 09:18 pm(no subject)
♥ Check the clothing page (added lots of dresses, tops, leggings, bikinis, etc!~)here.

♥ Check Lotion, Accessories (Vivi style necklaces and belts, Legwear, Headbands, Hairties, Watches), Jewelry &Shoes (all has bows on it!)here.

♥ Check bags here.

♥ Games and Game Guides (PSP, PS2, DDR, etc), plushies, Manga/Anime, Collectibles, Cute Stationary, study guides, Others here.

♥ Check magazines (JE), Dramas (Meteor Garden 1+2), and CDs (recently added Ayumi Hamasaki, Arashi's Tomadoinagara, Lots of NEWS, Rainie Yang) here
19th-Feb-2009 10:50 pm - ☆★Welcome ♪

Welcome to J-SWEETS

REPLY BACK TO MY MESSAGES !!! whether u still want it or not, at least let me know, thanks!

☆Prices DO NOT include shipping, unless otherwise stated (if it says with free shipping, then its included for US residents only). Please inquire about shipping (either as a question or through order form if you are definitely buying it) and please let me know what kind you would like (regular/cheapest/slowest or priority/faster/costs a bit more) and if you will like any extra services (tracking, insurance, bubble padded envelope, etc), and if you need the item by a certain day (so i know to ship it out asap or i will let you know that you should use priority, etc)
I ship to anywhere in the world that will accept the package and only if the buyer is willing to pay for the shipping expenses!
I do combine shipping for purchasing over two items, so if u want to purchase multiple items, i will find out the estimated shipping cost for u!~ ^^

★All sales are final so no exchanges, returns or refunds, so please make sure to read and ask questions before confirming!
-[b]No backing out once address is exchanged or u will be blacklisted! sorry~[/b]

☆[b]methods of payment:[/b] paypal (buyer is responsible for the paypal fee~should be received within 3 days), money order, concealed cash at buyer's risk (payment should be received within 10days), and meetups (i live in NYC and do meetups only in Queens or Manhattan~ add $2 for meet ups, to cover half of the trip's fee)
-items will only be shipped when payment is received (if you send me less than the amount it should be, i will wait until you've sent the rest before i ship it out~)
-please send exact change, i do not provide change, if you send more, i will keep it as a tip
-please include your username, the item(s) you're ordering, and your mailing address so that i know it's you and it'll be easier for me to package your items ^^

★check statuses here
if an item is listed as pending or confirmed, u can still ask about the item in case the buyer backs out or i might have a similar item~

☆i can model some of the clothes, but only ask if you are a SERIOUS buyer, like if u are at least 95% sure that u are going to buy.

★no trading atm, sorry! >"<
the person who initiates the trade sends the items first.
there are some items, however, that are not tradeable (such as things im selling for friends~)
i trade at nondiscounted/previous prices~
if u raise ur trading price, i will raise mine as well

☆ some prices may be negotiated (depends on the item) but please be reasonable!~ im saving up to buy a brand bag hehe

★ only fill this out if you're 100% sure that you're buying!
    Your Name:
    List of Items you want and the price of it next to it:
    Method of payment: choose one (paypal with fees/concealed cash at ur own risk/meetup)
    Need tracking? ($1): yes/no
    Need bubble / padded envelople? ($1): yes/no
    Type of shipping: cheapest, slowest, regular mail / OR faster, but a little more expensive priority mail
    Your Zipcode/location (if not in US):
    Subscribe to me (ill update u when i have new items and sales)? yes (please also post your email in this screened post: http://jsweets.livejournal.com/8747.html thanks!)/no
    Any comments:
19th-Feb-2009 10:47 pm - Feedback

Feedback Thread
Please leave a comment here to leave me a feedback! ^^~

i have +14 feedback at the EGL/EGA database
Updated 6/15/2010 New: sparkley socks, leg warmers, cute white belts, beautiful Pashmina Shawls, belts, hair accessories, cute earrings, cellphone strap, vivienne westwood knockoff earrings, stussy cap, pink fobby trucker hat, cute mirrors, bra strap, pink lolita umbrella, plaid kitten heels, new hats, new shoelaces, bow sweater hat, ties, Sexy Diamond Sunglasses, purple muffler, japanese style shoes, accessories, watches, headbands and jewelry! Added Guy's Accessories and Girl's Jewelry and Winter Items! New Items from Taiwan and japanese brand!! new hello kitty watch, bow legwarmer, printed tights, pretty pearl bracelet,fobby miceky cap, Cute Rings, cute Loli Umbrellas, Cute hair accessories(plaid clips, hairties) Cellphone chains &keychains, Face Masks, Oil blotting paper, Belts, Tights, SLY japanese brand flipflops, charm earrings, bow earrings, flower earring, gloves, bow hairclips, heart hairclip, LOTS OF NEW ASIAN IMPORTATED ACCESSORIES (Watches, Pearl headbands, bow headbands, more headbands, hairclips, scrunchies, ViVi Style bow belt, etc!~), Cute Socks and Belts, Oversized Sunflower ring, White with Red Polka Dots Big Fashion Belt, bikini set, bikini tops from taiwan, CHARLES & KEITH polkadot casual shoes, and more!!~Collapse )
Newest Edition: leg warmers, Cute Belts, Limited Edition Hello Kitty Watch, Sexy Diamond Glasses, Trendy tights, Bra Straps, Jewelry & Winter ItemsCollapse )
Shoes &Legwear, Lowered PricesCollapse )
Beauty Products and the likeCollapse )
Cellphone Charms/Keychains, Hats, Umbrellas and BeltsCollapse )
Hair Accessories, Headbands &JewelryCollapse )
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