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 Please check out my new items and all clearance albums in my facebook account!! I havent updated my livejournal for a long time, but all updates can be found in my facebook!
From Japan/Japanese Brands~
Clearance; 5 for $20, or $5 each~
Clearance~ $10 each or $40 for 5!!~
Clearance~ $15 each or $40 for 3!!
Clearance~ $20 each or $50 for 3~~!~
Bags & Wallets~
Sanrio, Games, Stationary, Manga, Collectibles, Magazines, CDs~
Shoes & Legwear~
Guys Clothing & Accessories!~

You can place an order through this entry~ ^^ just fill out an order form and use the names I used in my shop and please link me to the image, thank you~~<3



i'll be starting something new !!

~ J♥SweetS Shop ~ will be having the SWEETIES LIST~!

What does this mean?
well it means, buyers who bought a cumulative of $150 (not including shipping and all other fees) will be on this list and therefore all purchases afterward will receive an automatic 5% off (excluding clearance tho, sorry! >"<). ^^

How do u know if u've bought up to $150?
don't worry~ i keep a record (from the beginning) of what each person bought (so i know what styles u like! ^__^) and how much they've spent, so if you'll like to know how much u've spent so far, don't hesitate to ask! ^0^

Who's on the Sweeties List?

well, i don't think it'll be good to reveal since it violate their privacy so if you want to know if u're on the sweeties list (i would've notify you anyways about this~ ^^) just ask! ^__^

Thanks for shopping at ~ J♥SweetS Shop ~ ! I appreciate it<3


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Simply reply to this post with your name and email and you'll be added to my list! ^^
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Thanks for your interest! ^^

You can also add me on facebook by searching for JSweets Shop
or go directly to the link here:

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♥ Check the clothing page (added lots of dresses, tops, leggings, bikinis, etc!~)here.

♥ Check Lotion, Accessories (Vivi style necklaces and belts, Legwear, Headbands, Hairties, Watches), Jewelry &Shoes (all has bows on it!)here.

♥ Check bags here.

♥ Games and Game Guides (PSP, PS2, DDR, etc), plushies, Manga/Anime, Collectibles, Cute Stationary, study guides, Others here.

♥ Check magazines (JE), Dramas (Meteor Garden 1+2), and CDs (recently added Ayumi Hamasaki, Arashi's Tomadoinagara, Lots of NEWS, Rainie Yang) here

☆★Welcome ♪

Welcome to J-SWEETS

REPLY BACK TO MY MESSAGES !!! whether u still want it or not, at least let me know, thanks!

☆Prices DO NOT include shipping, unless otherwise stated (if it says with free shipping, then its included for US residents only). Please inquire about shipping (either as a question or through order form if you are definitely buying it) and please let me know what kind you would like (regular/cheapest/slowest or priority/faster/costs a bit more) and if you will like any extra services (tracking, insurance, bubble padded envelope, etc), and if you need the item by a certain day (so i know to ship it out asap or i will let you know that you should use priority, etc)
I ship to anywhere in the world that will accept the package and only if the buyer is willing to pay for the shipping expenses!
I do combine shipping for purchasing over two items, so if u want to purchase multiple items, i will find out the estimated shipping cost for u!~ ^^

★All sales are final so no exchanges, returns or refunds, so please make sure to read and ask questions before confirming!
-[b]No backing out once address is exchanged or u will be blacklisted! sorry~[/b]

☆[b]methods of payment:[/b] paypal (buyer is responsible for the paypal fee~should be received within 3 days), money order, concealed cash at buyer's risk (payment should be received within 10days), and meetups (i live in NYC and do meetups only in Queens or Manhattan~ add $2 for meet ups, to cover half of the trip's fee)
-items will only be shipped when payment is received (if you send me less than the amount it should be, i will wait until you've sent the rest before i ship it out~)
-please send exact change, i do not provide change, if you send more, i will keep it as a tip
-please include your username, the item(s) you're ordering, and your mailing address so that i know it's you and it'll be easier for me to package your items ^^

★check statuses here
if an item is listed as pending or confirmed, u can still ask about the item in case the buyer backs out or i might have a similar item~

☆i can model some of the clothes, but only ask if you are a SERIOUS buyer, like if u are at least 95% sure that u are going to buy.

★no trading atm, sorry! >"<
the person who initiates the trade sends the items first.
there are some items, however, that are not tradeable (such as things im selling for friends~)
i trade at nondiscounted/previous prices~
if u raise ur trading price, i will raise mine as well

☆ some prices may be negotiated (depends on the item) but please be reasonable!~ im saving up to buy a brand bag hehe

★ only fill this out if you're 100% sure that you're buying!
    Your Name:
    List of Items you want and the price of it next to it:
    Method of payment: choose one (paypal with fees/concealed cash at ur own risk/meetup)
    Need tracking? ($1): yes/no
    Need bubble / padded envelople? ($1): yes/no
    Type of shipping: cheapest, slowest, regular mail / OR faster, but a little more expensive priority mail
    Your Zipcode/location (if not in US):
    Subscribe to me (ill update u when i have new items and sales)? yes (please also post your email in this screened post: thanks!)/no
    Any comments: